Who here still believes in Creepypasta … They’re fading away …
Jeff: Help, we’e fading away!
Slenderman: Those girls are giving us a bad name.
Masky: Yeah, I-I still have s-some ch-cheesecake …
Hoodie: P-Please H-Help U-Us …
Toby: Please d-don’t forget u-us … *Twitch*
Eyeless Jack: Please … Think about Sally.
Sally: Please, Miss or Mister! I don’t want to be forgotten …
Laughing Jack: Please, *Sobs* I’m not laughing now … *Sobs*.
Jane: Remember us, … please?
Ben: I still have to beat Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall! I won’t beat it without you! D:
Zalgo: I promise that I won’t kill you in your sleep if you repost this …
The Rake: I won’t kill you, either.
Please Repost This. Because of the twelve year old girls almost killing their friend because of Slenderman, they have given the Creepypastas a bad a name.
Creepypastas used to be just entertainment. Why can’t it stay the same?
Repost this with hashtag, #weloveyoucreepypasta


When I see people who have Kanji tattooed on their body I get a bit embarrassed, because they could think it says peace, courage, etc. but for all we know it could say chicken